Calculate Data Protection Cost Savings

Calculating cost savings is both an art and a science. Using a vendor’s calculator often raises an eyebrow, or both eyebrows. We get that.

This approach is different. You are in control to calculate your data protection cost savings. Use your unique information, real data and automated tools to create your business case. Generate a clear project report that you can share with your buying team. There is no mystery, we show all of the inputs and calculations. 

Now you can clearly demonstrate the opportunities for data protection cost savings, time reduction and overall business efficiency.

Value Calculators

2020年欧锦赛赛程Use these data protection calculators to help your move to a modern, secure data protection environment.

Commvault software-defined storage

Software-defined storage allows you to standardize and consolidate your storage infrastructure to make it more predictable, resilient, and simple. Learn how you can optimize resources, lower costs, and reduce risk across primary and secondary storage with the Hedvig Distributed Storage Platform™.

Commvault HyperScale™

Accelerate hybrid cloud adoption with Commvault HyperScale™, a scale-out integrated solution that delivers comprehensive data management for all workloads from a single, extensible platform. Learn how your organization can optimize scalability to easily grow as needed, on-premises and to the cloud.  

Commvault Backup and Recovery

Reimagine your data management and protection strategy. Your vision is to streamline operations, lower hardware costs, and minimize risk to the data that runs your business. Learn how you can simplify your backup and recovery environment while reducing your costs.

Cloud data protection

How much could you save with the adoption of cloud data protection? What are your projected costs for storing data in a cloud storage option like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform? Calculate your cloud data protection project and generate a key report for your stakeholders.



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