Commvault HyperScale™ X

Break out with scale-out. Commvault HyperScale X accelerates hybrid cloud adoption with a scale-out integrated solution.

Let us free you from the cost
and complexity headaches

Your scale-up strategy for protecting your hybrid cloud environment is causing challenges. It’s time to break the cycle of buying purpose-built products that require expensive forklift upgrades and decrease in performance as you add capacity. Scale-up solutions are leading to:

  • Overbuying storage capacity today for tomorrow’s growth
  • Missing recovery objectives when scaling infrastructure for operations
  • Data silos on-premises and in the cloud preventing integration of apps, data and infrastructure
  • Inability to efficiently migrate and manage data in the cloud
  • Hiring additional staff because of complex management

Adding more data silos and staff is not sustainable. You need a better approach.

Introducing Commvault HyperScale X

Commvault HyperScale X accelerates hybrid cloud adoption with a scale-out integrated solution that delivers:

High performance backup and recovery

with automatic load balancing, enhanced RPO with highly efficient data caching, cataloguing, and IOPs, and reduced RTO via automatic rebalancing of stored data across nodes.

Optimized scalability

2020年欧锦赛赛程with incremental storage growth up to 5PB of capacity within a single storage pool, avoiding costly over-provisioning and improving backup and restore throughout.

Cost-optimized cloud data mobility

2020年欧锦赛赛程with the ability to easily backup, recover, and move data to, from, within, and between clouds using policy-driven rules.

Built-in resiliency with ransomware protection

which improves SLAs with intelligent load balancing, maintains data availability in the event of concurrent hardware failures, and mitigates ransomware impacts via intelligent monitoring to detect data anomalies and alert users.

Data reuse via integrated copy data management

2020年欧锦赛赛程that provides instant recovery of VMs, enables disaster recovery testing of replicas directly from the hardware, and provides live production copies of data for DevOps and testing.

Two flexible ways to implement
scale-out data protection

NEW Commvault HyperScale X Appliance for an all-in-one integrated solution to:

  • Consolidate hardware footprint and reduce costs
  • Remove operational complexity and streamline processes
  • Simplify ordering, installation and support all through Commvault

Commvault HyperScale Software: Choose a reference design from seven leading technology partners to:

  • Enjoy flexibility of multiple hardware configuration sizes and models
  • Leverage your hardware vendor relationships for consistency throughout
  • Mix and match hardware to optimize costs and the newest technologies

Commvault HyperScale X Reference Designs coming soon.

Whichever HyperScale solution you choose, you know you have broken the scale-up cycle of endless hardware refreshes. Escape to the benefits of scale-out data protection and management with Commvault HyperScale. 

Spark New Zealand saves millions of OPEX dollars with Commvault HyperScale™ Appliances

Scale-out and beyond

The power of Commvault HyperScale extends its benefits to:


Deploy infrastructure as you go

2020年欧锦赛赛程Growth is great, so why does it feel so restrictive? Scale-out for cloud-like flexibility to expand capacity as you need it.

Knowledge is power

2020年欧锦赛赛程The Technology Behind Commvault HyperScale™

Demonstration – Commvault HyperScale Appliance Install


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